Baby Kenza

Kenza means «treasure» in arabic and that is exactly what Kenza is.
Luxurious soft cashmere blanket that easily can be wrapped around your precious baby,Baby Kenza offers delicate cashmere blankets in lovely colors , swaddle blankets in bamboo . All products made of natural fabrics in fantastic quality that is soft as baby skin.

What is so special with Baby Kenza blanket ? 

The Baby Kenza blanket is 100 % made by heart. It is meant to be a special gift for the baby made in the purest and softest material available. The blanket can be used for the newborn and because it is fairly big ( 100 x100 cm) the blanket can be used in many years ahead as the baby grows.



Need a gift?

All our blankets are delicately wrapped before shipping them to our customers. The blankets will arrive in a beautiful white box with a little bow, and inside you will find the softest Baby Kenza blanket wrapped in silk paper.


Maria Kenza photo.jpg